It's time to experience the

power of pOSSIBILITY

business professionals & thought leaders


Transform fear into LOVE, self-doubt into self-TRUST, being stuck into being in the flow and on PURPOSE.

Achieve prosperous results, improve your perspective and performance to rise up to "BE" the leader YOU are meant to "BE".

Learn to Live and Lead Above the Line as an Inspired Leader of authority in your industry.

My goal and mission is to support you to unlock your true potential and achieve purposeful business freedom.

Ask Yourself this:

Am I serving and leading with clarity, conviction and confidence?

Do I take strategic risks, and make meaningful decisions to open doors to new opportunities with self-trust?.

Is my vision and mission clear with my core values, intentions and goals in alignment?

Each day am I focused and intentional as I progress forward with each task and know I am functioning from my highest self?

Does my business leadership stand out? Am I remembered and recommended?

Are my communications confident and credible and does it positively influence and impact people's lives and the planet?

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It's time to experience your next breakthrough milestone with the transformative power of "Being" an Inspired Leader.

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Hey there, I'm Carolyn!

So glad you made it here!

I'm all about bringing love back into the world of business and motivating companies to Think, Live and Lead Above the Line (LAL)!

I'm here to support purpose-driven, heart-centered business leaders like you to boost your global influence and impact. By aligning your vision, values, and strategy, we can attract your ideal clients and pave the way for growth together. I'm passionate about crafting inspired pathways for both my clients and our broader global community at Grand Connection EduNetworking Community.

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The most important element of your business success is YOU!

Take a leap of faith to Step UP, Show UP and Speak UP!

Experience the Power of Possibility!

Your business dreams and profits are waiting for you to rise UP to "Be" the leader you are meant to be.

You deserve to...


Step up with confidence and conviction into your full aliveness and true business potential.


Build your BIG Dreams and Profits with a clear vision and direction with intentional strategies and being accountable.


Gain self awareness to make powerful decisions to let go to lead and simplify to secure success.


Improve your leadership and authority by directing your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors to take consistent inspired focused action towards your goals and profits.

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Client's Truth Testimonials

Grateful and honoured to guide and lead my clients.

Carolyn is a fantastic leader and coach. Through her knowledge and passion, she has the ability to hold space for others while they are stepping into the greatness. If you get the opportunity to work with Carolyn, run don’t walk, so she can guide you to achieve your goals to make a bigger impact in the world.

Terra Bohlmann - Fast-Track Business Coach

Since the day I met Carolyn and began working with her, I have achieved more progress in developing my business than during the previous five years of struggling on my own. Carolyn has a gift for developing human potential which is incredibly powerful when combined with her years of experience in business. Working with Carolyn provides tangible value.

Melanie R - Senior Director, Loans & Advisory Services WEBC

Carolyn is one of a kind! She has a wealth of knowledge and experience combined with her energy and eagerness to share makes her an inspiring individual. Carolyn helps YOU think "outside the box" for your own business needs and personal growth. Carolyn is genuine and is a natural mentor, leader and coach. I highly recommend her!

Anne T - TD Canada Trust Mortgage Specialist

Rev. Cheryl Brewster

Here's how we'll shape your success .....

Exploration Sessions

Phase 1 = TRUTH

The first step is to explore your current reality: needs, wants, vision and goals and what is in the way of your success.

This phase is essential to gain an understanding of who you are, your business, the specific issues you want to resolve and your big vision and dreams for your business.

By gathering this information, I will have the opportunity to specifically customize my approach to best meet your individual needs, wants and business goals. This process sets a strong foundation of clarity for the entire journey and helps to ensure successful outcomes together.

Clarity Sessions

Phase 2 = VISION

In the second phase, you'll be guided on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering your business's core values, vision, mission, and strategic planning. You'll elevate your leadership, authority and accountability, gaining powerful new insights to enhance your capabilities and confidence.

You'll shift your mindset and behaviors to operate "above the line," fostering innovative solutions for your challenges. Your resilience will soar as you redefine your relationship with marketing, sales, networking, public speaking, and self-care.

Freedom Sessions

Phase 3 = FOCUS

Following your clarity sessions, freedom sessions provide reinforcement of the positive framework and ensure continued progress towards your vision and goals.

Receive a treasure trove of customized tools and techniques, vital for maintaining your momentum and driving further success. With ongoing personalized guidance, you'll craft concrete steps and timelines to remain focused and purposeful.

Bridge the gap between the ideal and manifestation, by being intentional and aligning your actions with your ultimate aspirations.

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"This is a Transformative Framework for personal and professional development presented in a straightforward and highly impactful way. It requires your commitment to lean in, learn, and live above the line to be accountabile and resillient."

Ready to transform your Business & achieve your Big Dreams?

Genius is not that you are smarter than everyone else.

It is that you are ready to receive the inspiration.

- Albert Einstein

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